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Who are we?

Who we areCortex is a team of bright machine learning engineers, creators, and software architects based in the beautiful Republic of Moldova.

We specialise in designing top of the line machine learning models to solve complex business problems using the most advanced algorithms and the latest technologies available. Our team of engineers and developers are here to aid you from the very first steps of gathering data for your model up to implementing it in production and maintain it with care afterwards. Our main goal when starting Cortex was to create state of the art artificial intelligence to solve our world’s major problems, and we continue to do this every day since then.

The company appeared in 2020, a time of great challenges and during this shift in the world, a couple of AI enthusiasts took upon themselves to work out these obstacles using the power of algorithms and data to find solutions towards solving these challenges.

What we do?

What we doWe provide services ranging from data acquisition and processing, designing and fine-tuning neural networks, building scientific level models, and deploying them into the world.

We maintain the highest industry standards while crafting our models, specifically tuning it towards your business needs.

Our deep learning services range from computer vision for object detection and facial recognition, natural language processing for text examination and creating conversational bots, data analysis for accurate predictions and to find meaningful value in your data, autoencoders, and GANs to denoise data and generate new collections of data.

Core Values

Core ValuesOur clients love our team not because they get the work completed on time (of course, they do), but because we form relationships during projects.

We're dedicated to collaborating with your team.

There’s no formula, we’re not carbon-copies of the same personality. It’s who we are, together.

  • Expertise in everything we do all the details mater and have to be double-checked for the model to persist in the long run. AI is similar to a rocket ship in this sense our engineers will make sure you reach the stars
  • Cooperation between team members and our clients is quintessential because we believe that openness in communication is key to an excellent product
  • Innovation - through thorough research we always seek the newest and most refined algorithms to enhance our methods and to keep an edge in developing AI-enabled software.
  • Passion for great engineering since it drives us towards a common goal of exceptional technology for humanity and a brighter future

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